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How It Works

1.  Sign and Return our Purchase Agreement

Once you've received and accepted our offer, you can sign and mail it back to us. If you prefer to email, scan, send a picture of it, or sign digitally through DocuSign - that works too and we can help you with any of these options.

2. Schedule a Closing Date of Your Choice

Typically, attorneys need around 2-3 weeks to complete all of the paperwork. All costs from start to finish are coverd by us. You tell us a closing date that works best for you and we will arrange everything with the attorney, who will reach out to you with closing documents to review. If you have an attorney you like to work with, we are happy to contact them or we can recommend one local to you.  

3.  Sign Closing Documents 

At this point, we have already sent payment to the attorney which they will hold until you and I have signed the closing documents. The closing process only take 10-15 minutes. 


You will have the option to go in to the attorneys office, drop it off, or mail to the attorney. If needed, we can even schedule a notary to meet you wherever you choose (home, bank, coffee shop, etc). They will print off the paperwork, show you where to sign, and overnight the closing documents to the attorney with a prepaid envelope (that we provide). We can discuss this further if this route would be most helpful. 

4.   Close on The Property

You will receive a check at closing for the full amount agreed upon, we cover the rest. Again, our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you!

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